A Discussion On Church Cleaners & Their Responsibilities

Church cleaners are known as Church Janitors or Parish Custodians. They are responsible for cleaning the church as well as dealing with minor repairs. They typically clean all the areas where the public and congregation use as well as all publicly accessible areas. For example, they will need to vacuum, sweep, mop and sanitize all of the surfaces inside of the church. They will also have to replace any items that have finished such as toilet paper, soap, paper towels etc. In some cases, they also handle the supply inventory, deal with special events as well as process-specific purchase requests.

It is essential that Parish Custodians have a keen knowledge of various cleaning methods as well as be very respectful, observant and extremely motivated to do a great job. After all, they need to ensure that the Church is always clean for the public and church staff to use, especially considering that it is a place of worship. In addition to cleaning, they will also need to have some knowledge of basic plumbing and electrical work so that they can fix any small issues that occur.

The cleaning tasks, as described above, need to be done on a daily and weekly basis. Of course, some tasks can be done weekly with simple spot cleaning on a regular basis. In addition to working alone, they will need to work with other maintenance staff so that every part of the church is clean and in good condition. Cleaners will also need to know how to use proper protective gear such as gloves, goggles, masks etc. The ability to follow written and verbal instructions are also essential, and they need to know how to carefully handle chemicals to ensure the safety of themselves and others. These cleaners will likely have to interact with the Church staff as well as the public and visitors, so they must be very well-spoken and respectful.

To become a Church Custodian, there are specific requirements. These include a high school diploma, familiarity with various cleaning methods and techniques, the ability to lift as much as 50 lbs, past custodial experience, the ability to pass a drug test and background check as well as flexibility with their schedule. Additionally, secure communication and interpersonal skills are also required, as well as a positive and motivated attitude. It should be noted that some churches do give preference to members who are interested in this position.

When it comes to salary, most church janitors earn around £8+ per hour. Of course, this hourly rate is dependent on the particular church as well as the experience of the cleaner. Also, many churches offer this position on a part-time basis which makes it an excellent part-time job.

To wrap things up, we have just looked at what church cleaners are officially called as well as their responsibilities, expectations, job requirements and salary. So, if you are interested in becoming a Church custodian, be sure to continue learning more about this career so you can decide if it is right for you.