Ways To Present Funeral Song Or Memorial Songs

Once you have selected the songs for a funeral or memorial service, think about how you would like to give the music. Will you use a playlist or would you like a band? Talk to your funeral director to get ideas and assistance in organizing the musical presentation.

The use of recorded music or public domain music may be the correct choice for instrumental songs during a visit, a wake or a post-service reception. If you want music to be performed live-some funerals Sydney chapels have pianos or organs, or you can hire a guitarist or a string quartet-let your funerary planner know. Most modern burial chapels and churches have the state-of-the-art audio equipment, but if the funeral is to be held elsewhere, your planner can make sure the right stuff is in place.

Some funerals include funeral hymns sung by the attendees. Others may include an interpretation of a particular song by a relative or close friend. For those who fear that emotion may affect their musical prowess, recording a musical tribute in advance and reproducing it during the service remains a profoundly personal contribution.