Favorite Personal Options For A Funeral Or Memorial Service

Although there are undoubtedly many popular options that have beautiful melodies and meanings, you can also incorporate favorite songs into a celebratory ceremony. A person’s favourite song or personalized playlist can give attendees a perspective of the person who has passed away and can even help them feel closer to that person. If possible, let people know why certain songs were chosen.

Maybe the funeral included a melody that someone sang at the top of his lungs while he washed the dishes. Perhaps the song was his favorite way to start a road trip during the summer-the convertible car with the roof down, the wind blowing his hair. The song that a couple danced at their wedding can also be used at your funeral. Your favorite romantic song can help tell the story of your relationship. A family or group of friends can choose a particular song as a private joke, providing lightness and healing humor. (If that is the plan, keep in mind that not everyone is going to catch the trick, and an explanation might be useful to make sure no one feels confused or offended).

The lasting effect of the funeral songs

No matter what combination of styles, songs, and the presentation you choose, music can have a powerful impact on the mood of a funeral. It can provide a cathartic release of emotions. It can unleash smiles and even laughter through tears. It can provide a permanent connection to a moment and a reason to reflect and remember later. It is something that must be considered carefully.