Why refrigerate the body before burial or cremation

uneral may not be the best thing to deal with but when the circumstances ask for it, there is nothing you can do but to proceed whether you like it or not. Planning for a funeral is hard especially when the death is unexpected. You have to make sure that the wishes of the deceased are carefully planned out in order to honor them properly before you say your goodbyes. You don’t want to rush everything, instead you want to think things over, for many times possible.

So what to do with the dead body before the funeral and before putting them to their final rest? It needs to be preserved through refrigeration. When the dead body is refrigerated, it is kept at a temperature of below 4 degrees Fahrenheit. This process is done to delay decomposition especially if the burial or cremation date has not been decided yet by the family.

Here are some reasons why the dead body is refrigerated.

For viewing purposes

There are times when the deceased has planned out their own funeral. There are those who choose to have a celebration or gathering of families and friends to honor their lives once they are dead. Even without the pre-funeral plans, families opt to organise a funeral for their beloved as a way of honoring life, showing respect and care, and it helps them acknowledge the fact that someone they love has died. Funerals are a way of finding support from families, friends and the community.

Some people want to see the body as close to when it is alive. Refrigeration is often done when people opt for an open casket viewing for their beloved. People believed that refrigeration is the best way to preserve the body close to its natural state before the burial or cremation.

Required by Law

There are states that require for the dead body to be refrigerated before the cremation process. This is for sanitary and safety purposes. Though not all states require this, so you may want to check your local laws to verify.

Travel purposes

When the deceased is far away from the family and needs to be transported to the place where the body will be buried or cremated. Legality is necessary when transporting a dead body and it takes time to process the paperworks. The process can be lengthy depending on the requirements of the state.

Even if the deceased need not to be travelled, when loved ones live abroad and want to attend the funeral and see their loved one for one last time, the body needs to be refrigerated while waiting for the family to arrive.

Criminal activity

When the death is caused by illegal or criminal activity, there is a need for investigation. The body needs to be untouched thus it requires to be refrigerated to preserve the dead body for a few weeks until the case is solved or until the police no longer need the dead body for their investigation. Sometimes, families require this process when they feel that something is not right with the death of their loved ones.

Religious belief

Embalming is very common however there are people who do not allow this process due to religious and cultural belief. To avoid this practice, they choose to have the body refrigerated before burial or cremation.

Direct burial or direct cremation

If you decide that the body will not be on display for viewing and decide to bury or cremate it very soon after the death, then you have the body refrigerated by the funeral homes and the body need not to be embalmed.

Cost saving 

Families choose refrigeration over embalming because it is cheaper. Funeral homes charge over $400 or more for embalming while refrigeration’s cost is only a fraction of that amount. Some funeral homes offer this kind of service to help families maximise their savings since death can be costly especially when the death is sudden and no pre-funeral plans have been arranged. 

Green method

Refrigeration is considered the most green procedure for storing a body. The embalming process includes harsh chemicals that go into the atmosphere during cremation. In burial, these chemicals go into the earth  once the body begins to decompose. Refrigeration has less impact on the environment and it also helps funeral home workers not be exposed to harmful chemicals.

How long should the body be refrigerated?

The essence of refrigeration is to slow down the decomposition process of the body. It can happen from a few days to two weeks. However, there are some circumstances that it will take longer.

If you decide to have your loved one’s body refrigerated, you should contact your preferred funeral home right away. This is because the body will start to decompose right away after death. So if you wait longer, the body will decompose faster.

With modern techniques in preserving dead bodies using refrigerators powered by absorption chillers australia, it allows families to take their time to carefully plan and honor their loved ones’ wishes.if the person did not have funeral plans or didn’t left their last will, families may have a hard time finding the right funeral home  that will help them in planning. As much as possible, you want to discuss with other family members your options as well as how to get the affairs of the deceased in order.